Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Photo Catch Up

It’s been so tough to have time to sit down and write lately. Our little Bradley Bear has become so BUSY. He is into every little thing, and it’s so fun to watch him explore and learn how things work. He is growing like crazy, and it is taking basically all of my energy to keep up with him.
 We’ve been getting our Christmas shopping done. 

 Putting up our Christmas tree. 
 Getting all kinds of new teeth! 
 Looking adorable while sleeping. 
 Spending LOTS of time at the library. 
 Exploring the McWane Center
 He loooooves the water! 
 And all the fishies! 
 And he’s been getting lots of time in with his daddy. 
 Family photos! 

 And leaving his mom with zero personal space whenever possible. 
 Someone has grown SEVEN INCHES in height since coming home! 
Probably because he loves to eat. A lot. 

And our most exciting news is that Bradley Bear started WALKING last week! 

Little Asher is doing well, too. She is moving around all the time, which is awesome and quite reassuring. All doctor appointments have gone well, and we are getting ready to meet our sweet girl in just three months. Yikes! 

There is a lot I have to write about, and I’m hoping to have some time leading up to Christmas to get it down. For now, though, all of t these cute pictures will have to suffice! 

With love, 
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