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Visiting Noonday artisans in Rwanda. 
Hello there! My name is Baylor, and welcome to the place where I attempt to write to sort through all that the Lord is doing as He works in my life. I am a wife to the man God created me to love, puppy mom to my little Daisy girl, daughter of the Most High God and mom to Bradley and Asher (coming March 2016). I have been and continue to be amazed by God's great grace and love in my life: He has adopted me as His own through the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ. But the life I am living is not the one I planned. God is writing an incredible story. Right now I only see part of it, the hard part, but I know that my God is good. And so this season of my life is an unparalleled exercise in faith.

Daisy: hiker, avid reader, lover of yoga and my best girl. 
Right now, Daisy is an only child, but we are praying that won't last too much longer. God has called us to adopt our first child from Ethiopia, and we have been matched with our SON! We are striving to honor and follow this glorious calling on our lives. To us, adoption is such a clear picture of the Gospel; we are even told in the Bible that God has given us sonship and that we are His children. This road has not been an easy one, and there have been many dark days (OK, weeks and months, too), but we do know that God is doing something huge and beautiful. He is writing the story of His redemption in us and through us, and we are honored. Redemption is not pretty while we are in it. We see its beauty from the other side, but we have to get there first. And we know that this is where God is leading us: to the place where His glory will shine like the sun and we will see what  He has seen all along.

This place exists to chronicle our journey and, hopefully, point others to the goodness of the Gospel along the way. I am not perfect in this process, and I promise to try my best to always be transparent with you here. God is continually at work in my life, my heart and my soul, sanctifying me, teaching me, refining me. I want to share these things with you in the hope that the truth that no one is sufficient on his or her own will be made evident. We all need the grace, mercy and redemption offered through Jesus Christ. I will always fall short, especially in this incredibly difficult season God has called us to, but God's plan can be made perfect in spite of our sin and shortcomings, and I am beyond excited to watch the Lord do His thing in our lives.

Seeing our son's face for the first time.
November 29, 2014 
I would love for you to come along with us on this incredible ride. Always feel free to ask questions, whether they be about adoption, Ethiopia or knowing Jesus Christ. I would LOVE to hear from you. Just send me an email:

With love,

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