Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lots Going On

All of a sudden there is a lot of stuff going on in my life. First, you and all of your bold prayers last week, resulting in AWESOME news from Ethiopia! Then, I went to the Christian Alliance for Orphans summit in Nashville for two days this past week. And now I am sitting in an airport waiting to fly to Haiti with Compassion International for this coming week. Whew! 

That's a lot! 

I'm working on sorting through everything I took in at CAFO last week and gearing up for what the Lord already has in store for this week in Haiti. 

But I also wanted to share that we have our preliminary court hearing THIS WEEK. That means we are about to be one step closer to having Bradley in our anxious arms. So I want to invite you to pray with us again at 9:30 CST tonight. We are joining with other families from our agency I praying for Ethiopia, adoption, government officials and processes and, of course, our kids. Here is what I will be praying tonight:

-For Ethiopia, that God would continue to comfort those who lost loved ones to ISIS. 

-For government officials, that they would move with all imagined speed to process paperwork on behalf of these children. 

-For our son, that he would continue to grow and be healthy, that his caregivers would love him well in our place. 

-For our case, that our hearing would be completed without incident and that our MOWA (federal government) approval letter would be issued immediately so we can travel by the end of May. 

Thank you all so much for partnering with us on this long and difficult journey. We are so grateful for your faithfulness and love. 

More to come soon! 


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