Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Almost Two Months Home Photo Dump

So, I have been a major slacker in posting pictures of my sweet boy. I'm about to make up for it today. These go in chronological order from the week we came home till now. It's amazing to me to see how much Bradley has changed so quickly.

 First week home. 
Look how tiny he is! 
 Loves his kiddie pool. 
 First time in the stander. 
It lasted about 45 seconds. 
 Getting bigger every day! 
 Starting to crawl everywhere. 
 Building up those arm muscles. 
 Figuring out all these new toys. 
 And wondering why I'm taking so many pictures. 
 Smiling more.
 Getting chubby legs 
 And more teeth! 
 Not so happy when mom is slow with the spoon. 
 One month home and off on our first trip! 
 He's a pro at flying. 
 Family fun at the beach
 Hanging with dad.
 Out to dinner 
 Beach nap.
 Silly boy. 
 Loving the pool. 
 He has a good daddy. 
 And a crazy family. 
 Back home with Daisy girl. 
 I don't even know. 
 Seriously. I don't know. 
And with his bestie, Millie! 
You can follow them on IG: #bradandmillie
 He looks so big! 
 Standing up
 Trying to figure out his carrier. 
 Cheesy grins. 
 Getting better with Daisy. 
 First trip to the Y splash pad! 
Epic success. 

 And his first Auburn game. 
With Millie, of course. 
 And then he was done with pictures. 
 Suited up! 
 War Eagle! 
 And then he learned to do this. 

So that's our life in photos! 


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