Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: My Sister

Today I am thankful for my lil sis. My dear, sweet Brookie.

Brooke and I are almost exactly two years apart, which made for some interesting times when we were growing up. Sometimes in my mind, we are still 12 and 14, rolling our eyes at each other while we try to get ready in the same bathroom. Now, though, we are the closest of friends. It has been so incredible to watch her grow up and become the woman she is today. She is someone who loves deeply and is fiercely loyal to her family. I see these, and more, beautiful traits coming out in her more and more as the years progress, and it is truly astounding. There is something about watching the one you used to play dress up with and argue with over who didn't put in the new roll of toilet paper become a truly beautiful and Godly woman. I love watching God's plan for her life unfold.

Among so many other things, Brooke is unconditionally supportive. She will rage with me when I am frustrated to no end by how long this adoption process is taking, and then in the same breath, remind me that all of this is part of God working things together for the greater good. There has not been a time since we have started this process when she told me that she just couldn't talk right then. Her ear is always available. And I appreciate that so much, especially because the longer this takes, the more needy I seem to become.

So I am thankful for you, Brookie. For the joy and laughter you bring me. For the love and support you never cease to give me. For the encouragement you always send me. I am thankful that the Lord saw fit to bless me with a woman like you for a sister.


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