Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Want More Free Jewels?


Our home office at Noonday Collection just announced SPECIAL hostess incentives for the month of July!! Woot woot!

Click on the picture to check out the awesomeness. 

So host a show! Ask your mom, your sister, your bestie… WHOEVER to help you out! 

AAANNDDD… if you are adopting, Noonday will donate FIFTEEN PERCENT of your show's total directly toward your adoption. And if you are not adopting and know someone who is, you can host a show on their behalf and get the SAME donation toward their adoption. Let's get those babies home! 

I would love nothing more than to partner with you between July 1 and August 6 to host a Noonday Collection show and help you and your friends select some gorgeous accessories that absolutely change the world. 

Email me. Seriously. Right now. I'm waiting to hear from you. 


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