Friday, July 3, 2015

Ethiopia Trip One, Day Two: Church and More Bradley

Our second full day in Ethiopia started out with church. AMAZING.

 We arrived one hour before the actual service started so that we could attend the prayer meeting. It was so beautiful. I have no idea what was being said, but I saw men and women truly crying out to God. 
 And it was so incredible to be able to pray for our boy in a church in his home country. 
An added bonus was that this particular Sunday was Holy Communion. 
What a gift to experience this reminder of God's sacrifice that allowed my adoption into His family while we were there to adopt our own son. 

After church, we went to Woudneh's house for lunch. {Woudneh is our agency's in-country director.} It was delicious, and we were able to enjoy time with another adoptive who was in Ethiopia for court, as well. Then it was back to the hotel to change and off to see our boy. 

 Day two with our precious fella! 
 Hanging on to his daddy. 
 Smiling for mommy. 
 And here is my favorite picture of the two of us. 
 Look at that sweet face! 
 Checking out that great big world out there. 
 My two greatest loves. 
 Seriously, though. 
Look at these two guys! 
 Bradley is attaching so well to his dad. 
 Bradley and Bea! 
I love how much she loves him! 
 And half of this picture is missing. 
Do you know why? 
Because I am holding the son of one of my dearest friends. 
That's right! My boy and her boy LIVE IN THE SAME ROOM. 
And now they will grow up knowing each other. 
 Party time with Bea! 
 Look at these two studs! 
 I think they are going to be best buds. 
 Just checking each other out. 
 And getting some sweet little smiles. 
 This might be my favorite picture in the history of photography. 
 We made a little photo album of our family for Bradley. 
 And he loved it! 
 Especially the pictures of Daisy. 
 He just kept grinning and giggling. 
 And then he tried to eat it. 
I just love this little boy with my whole heart. 

More to come soon about the rest of our week! 

With love, 

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  1. Nice pictures and comments... so happy for y'all!


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