Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Festival 2012

So this post is not exactly adoption related, but oh well. Since Adam and I have lived in our current home, we (with the help of our incredible small group) have had a Fall Festival at our house each year for the kiddos in our neighborhood. It is a great time for us to reconnect with neighbors, spend time with friends, invest in our community and eat an insane amount of candy. :) Every year I plan to take pictures to document the event, and every year I get to caught up in running around and completely forget. Well, this year a managed to snap a few pictures, so here they are!
 Rachel, one of our resident artists, heading up the candy bag decorating table.
 Love these two guys! 
 You are looking at four of approximately nine cookies this young lady both decorated and ate. :) 
 Josh and Amy (new adoption friends!) manning our most popular booth...cookie decorating! 
 Keith, Betty, Rachel and Jim
 More decorating!
And the aftermath...

Thank you so much to all of our sweet friends who came and helped us make this day a success! So much of our ministry hinges on you guys, and we appreciate you more than you know! 

We are still praying about our new number, coming your way this week. We heard about another referral going out today, and we always love to hear about sweet babies getting matched up with their moms and dads! 


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  1. Such a fun neighborhood tradition! It looks like I am the blind resident artist :) Loved these pictures - we should have taken the camera & snapped a few of you! Great job pulling the fall festival off again!


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