Sunday, October 21, 2012

He Refreshes My Soul

God is always good, but sometimes He just outdoes Himself. In my last post I talked about trusting and relying on the goodness of God's character to get me through tough days. There is such rest and assurance in knowing that God is only ever perfectly good. Still, there are days (lots of them, really), when God takes it one step further and demonstrates His undying, unyielding, unwavering love for me. Today was such a day.

Last year, one of my very closest friends moved away from Birmingham, and I have missed her dearly since then. She and her husband were a part of our small group here, and through that avenue, God really grew our friendship. She is someone whose advice and counsel I value and often seek out. And it has been hard not having her around. BUT, she was in Birmingham this weekend, and we were able to meet for brunch (that sounds so fancy) this morning. Our brunch ended up lasting over two hours as we talked and caught up with each other. I was able to fill her in on the adoption, and she was able to talk about preparations for their sweet baby boy who will be here in March (yay!). The Lord refreshed my soul through my sweet friend, Jamie Grace, this morning, and I am so thankful to Him for that. I love that God will use people we love to speak truth and comfort and peace into our lives. Jamie Grace is one of the most encouraging people I know, and so I know it was no coincidence that the Lord had her in town this weekend. She has been a rock for me to lean on during the rough days and is always reminding me that God is in control of every detail of this process. I am pretty sure the Lord knew I needed to be encouraged and refreshed this morning, and He provided in a BIG way.
Love you, sweet friend! 
On top of all that, we found out this weekend that two Ethiopia families received referrals this past week. In other words, two children have been matched with their forever families. Such a blessing! We are keeping our ears open for any other news on the referral front as we get into the home stretch of October. We are praying to be in the 70s on November 1! 

"He refreshes my soul." Psalm 23:3


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