Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little Ethiopia in Our House!

I got some more treasures in the mail this week! Yesterday was not a good day; I had to leave work early because I was feeling so sick, and the timing was super bad, because my kiddos were turning in their rough drafts for their research essays in class yesterday. Not the best day to be out. All my teachers out there will understand this: It is almost NEVER worth it to miss school. The sub plans and the catching up when you get back. Yikes. So anyway, I was nervous about walking into my room this morning, as teenagers tend to become exponentially more messy when their teacher is out. I stopped by the mailroom on my way in and found two little packages in my mailbox. Instant smile! Mainly, because I knew exactly what they were.

Last week, I ordered some Christmas ornaments on Etsy (my new favorite place to shop). We, (ok, maybe I) had been wanting some Ethiopia ornaments for our Christmas tree, so I started snooping around online. I found a store that is sponsored by a family adopting from Ethiopia, and they are selling Christmas ornaments to fundraise for their adoption. Check it out here. Perfection! That was the first package.

The second package was from my new friend, Amy. She and her husband are also adopting from Ethiopia. Somehow, Amy stumbled onto our blog one day; we made a connection and have been chatting back and forth ever since. It is so cool how the Lord will bring people into our lives at exactly the right time. Both our families are very close together in the adoption process, and it has been so nice to have someone right there with me. So grateful for you, Amy! She is a fancy crafter (the opposite of me) and decided, out of pure sweetness, to make me an Ethiopia ornament and mail it to me. Thank you! Amy also has a shop on Etsy called The Turquoise Pear. She is a sewing machine (ha!), so please check out her stuff!
Here are the ornaments! 

Sitting happily on my desk!
 This one is from Amy. I love it! Thank you! 
 A wreath around the continent of Africa painted like the Ethiopian flag
Merry Christmas (in Amharic, of course)!

I was so excited to get all of these in the mail today (so much so that I didn't even mind the overturned desk and the snow shower of index cards on the floor of my classroom)! Naturally, I love anything and everything that reminds me of our little bird. 

One more thing. Our baby has been heavy on my mind lately, and I am trying so hard to just keep lifting this little one up in prayer. All of the unknowns are weighing on me. So I am praying for my heart, too. There are days when this adoption business tough stuff, days when I think my life is just going to be sitting in one big waiting room from now until forever. Praise the Lord, I know that is not true. I know that there will come a day when I get to hold my baby and bring him/her home. Oh, how I look forward to that day. I cry just sitting here thinking about it. 

So if you have a minute, please pray for our child, for his/her birth mom. I can only attempt to imagine what she must be going through and what she will have to go through in order for this miracle of adoption to come to fruition. We just need God's hand on everything. On every little thing. 

But let's praise Him, too. He is already all over this, and He brought a little Ethiopia into our house today. Thank you, Jesus. 

And thank you for your prayers. 


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