Monday, December 17, 2012


I mentioned earlier that last week was a crazy one. A whole lot was going on, and then this sweet little ball of fur tumbled into our lives to further compound the chaos. Meet Rosie.
 Our neighbor called me early on Wednesday morning to tell me that a puppy had been tied to the street sign in her yard and left there. It was 30 degrees outside, and I am an animal lover, so clearly we were not just going to leave her out there. So we got Daisy's old crate out of the garage, got the pup settled for the day and went to work. When I came home, I brought Daisy out to meet Rosie, and they really got along.

She has such a good personality. 

Our neighbor has two little girls who have been wanting a dog forever, so she took the night to think and pray about keeping the dog for the girls. Rosie spent the night with us. 
After a bath, it was time to eat and go to sleep. Or so we thought. Apparently, little Rose has a fear of being abandoned, and she cried her little puppy eyes out from the kennel in the kitchen all night. We did not get too much sleep. Anyway, Melissa (the neighbor) texted me at work that day (Thursday) and told me that they would not be keeping the puppy. The timing was just not right. So we knew we would have to find little Rose a home. Meanwhile, of course, I am falling in love with her. So we put some feelers out and waited to see what would happen. 

Thursday night went a whole lot better. We put her kennel at the door of our room so that she could see us. That completely resolved the problem. She was sleeping so soundly that we had to wake her up when we got up in the morning. As you know, we did have to go out of town this weekend for Adam's family Christmas, and my friend Courtney volunteered her babysitting services for Rosie while we were gone. While we were at Adam's mom's house, I got a text from Melissa that she had a family who was very interested in adopting little Rosie and were planning to come meet her on Sunday afternoon.  So we picked the little girl up yesterday and brought her home to play with Daisy one last time. 

I would be lying if I said I was not strongly considering begging Adam to let us keep her. She is such a good natured pup. But I knew we had to let her go. So we snapped two more pictures. 

And said our good-byes. Then we let her go and I went into our bedroom and cried like a baby. I know that giving her to a good family was the best and right thing to do, but it broke my puppy-loving heart. 

Sorry that this was not exactly adoption related; I just wanted to make sure I documented the short blessing this sweet girl brought into our house. Adam and I were sad to see her go, but there is one of us who is nothing but glad to have things back the way they were. 
This girl. 

The adoption front has been verrrrry quiet here lately. So far, I only know of one referral that has gone out this month. Please continue praying that the Lord will move swiftly to match these little ones with their families. And please pray that our Lord will sustain and uphold the families who are waiting. 


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  1. Cute puppy!! I knew you would fall in love with the dog, but glad she has a new home!!


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