Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adoption Shirts Around the U.S. : Post #9

We are back with another Shirts Around the U.S. post! Today's post features some lovely ladies in a beautiful place. Meet the Moseley ladies!

 Mary, Sarah and Emily
Not pictured, but still a part of this wild bunch: Dale, Andrew and Kate. 
Sorry about the big white line. I can't make it go away. 
This was the first picture Emily sent me.
Ummm... I need you to be in the picture. 

I have known the Moseley family a looooooong time. Mary was one of Bible study leaders in high school and is responsible, along with Leslie, for growing my foundation of faith and a LOT of my Scriptural knowledge. She is one of those marvelous people who truly never misses an opportunity to look for God's hand in every detail. In fact, she used to respond to a lot of my middle and high school complaining with, "Well, Baylor, what is God teaching you through this?" That advice has served me well as we have navigated the twists, turns, climbs and drops of the adoption world. 

She is with two of her three lovely daughters here. Sarah and Emily. I did not know these ladies well in high school, mostly because they are young and fabulous and I am a crusty old woman, but I have gotten to know them through our many trips to Honduras over the years, and I can tell you that they are fabulous people.

Thank you, Moseley tribe for all of your love and support not only through this adoption but over so many years! 


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