Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday!!

Welcome to Cyber Monday! 
A day when you can shop from the comfort of your recliner, or maybe your desk chair (while on break, of course). 

I wanted to highlight a few beautiful Noonday Collection pieces for you today and then let you know that anyone who enters an online purchase today will be eligible to win a $25 Noonday gift card from yours truly! Just make sure you select me as your Ambassador at checkout so that I will know who you are!

Enough about me. Let's talk jewels!

Click on any product name to learn more! 

Beautiful hand-rolled paper beads and a gorgeous POP of yellow! 
This one has been a top-seller for me this season. 
Hand-made with lots of love by our artisans in Uganda. 
I am wearing this one today with my Dressember Day 2 ensemble. 
Crafted from upcycled artillery casings by our artisans in Ethiopia. 
This piece is a favorite at every trunk show! 
I love me some turquoise! 
Add a little color to your winter wardrobe!
Made from acai seeds by our artisans in Ecuador.
Ohhh, how I LOVE this one. 
Beautiful and lots of sparkle, it is perfect for the holiday season! 
Made with love by our artisans in India. 
A statement necklace if there ever was one! 
Made from seeds by our artisans in Ecuador. 
This one is on my Christmas list! 
One of our beautiful Ethiopian pieces and perfect for pretty much everything. 
I get compliments on this one every time I wear it. 
Made from cut, dried and dyed tagua seeds by our artisans in Ecuador. 
Often called vegetable ivory for its consistency and durability combined with its sustainability. 
For your inner hippie child! 
These are the perfect funky accent to any outfit. 
Made with love by our artisans in India. 
These beauties are adorning my ears today! 
Made from upcycled artillery by our Ethiopian artisans.
Bullets can be beautiful! 
Sophisticated with a splash of color! 
Made by our refugee group here in the U.S. 
I have really started loving these beauties recently. 
Made with love in India, they are plated with real gold. 
Lots of sparkle and dazzle with these jewels! 
Dress up any outfit with a little extra holiday bling! 
Made with love in India. 
A great accent for what you've got on right now! 
Sterling silver plated. 
Made with love in India. 
This is the piece everyone love to try on! 
It is absolutely gorgeous and full of sparkle, the perfect party piece.  
Made with love in Guatemala. 
One of my favorite Ethiopian pieces. 
Made from upcycled artillery, the alternating gold beads and 
silver metallic pearls make this bracelet special. 
Surprise the lady in your life or just spoil yourself with this one! 
Three bracelets at once! 
These precious jewels look great together and separately. 
Beautiful upcycled artillery with three pops of color. 
Love, love, LOVE the color of this bracelet! 
Made from hand-rolled paper beads by our artisans in Uganda.
A great stocking stuffer for any lady on your list! 

This beauty is on the way to my house as I type! 
Made from 100% alpaca, it is even more beautiful in person. 
I canNOT wait to wrap up in this one for the cold, winter months. 
Hand-stitched with love by our artisans in Peru. 
Love the color combo on this 100% alpaca scarf! 
Yellow is everywhere! 
Check it out for a bargain on a piece of this quality! 
Hand-stitched with love by our artisans in Peru. 

Sweet and soft colors to brighten up the winter months! 
Get in my closet! 
Hand-stitched with love by our artisans in Peru. 
Can a scarf be a show-stopper? I think so! 
100% alpaca. So cozy and warm!
The zipper makes this scarf so, so versatile. Zip it up or down for different looks! 
Hand-stitched by our artisans in Peru. 
Can you guess what it's made of? 
Upcycled VHS and cassette tape! 
This glitzy clutch is made by a special group of artisans in India. 
Men and women with special needs, who would otherwise be deemed unemployable, 
have found work creating this eye-catching and unique handbag.
 Carry it with pride on behalf of the artisans who make their livelihood creating it! 
The perfect tote with a whole lot of sass! 
Beautiful fringed tassels and leather straps make this functional bag FUN! 

Intricate weaving pairs with metallic studs for a truly unique purse! 
Leather straps and traditional Peruvian patterns come together perfectly. 
Made with love by our artisans in Peru. 

All right, beautiful people, that is what I am going to leave you with today. Click HERE to see the whole collection. And remember, tomorrow is Fair Trade Tuesday! This girl is thinking about extending the gift card giveaway through Tuesday night. Shop ethical and make a difference!


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