Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fall Launch!!

Eeeeeeeeek!!!! The day is finally here! Noonday Collection's fall 2014 line launches TODAY! And I am so, so, so far beyond excited.

Scroll to see some of my new favorites!

Why, hello there, beauty. I absolutely LOVE this classic necklace. 
Dress her up or dress her down. She always looks good. 
Made with love in India 
A delicate take on our classic Funky Paper Beads. 
Bright colors to go with anything you might be wearing. 
Made with love in Uganda. 
Not sure why I thought I could live without this one. 
She came in my third (you read that right) sample order. 
Leather woven through up cycled metal. 
Made with love in Haiti. 
Made from hand carved water buffalo horn. 
A statement necklace if there ever was one. 
Made with love in Vietnam. 
I am ALL about the earrings this fall. 
Sterling silver plating with shell and semi-precious stone accents. 
Made with love in Peru. 
I am loving the gold this fall, too. 
Awesome geometric shape plated in gold. 
Made with love in Peru. 
Did you just think of The Emperor's New Groove? I did. 
Charming locket style earrings plated in sterling silver. 
Made with love in Peru. 
LOVE these new Ethiopian beauties! 
Disc charms hang from silver beads. 
Upcycled artillery. 
Made with Love in Ethiopia. 
For all you BIG earring girls out there. 
The hoop is back! 
Hammered brass. 
Made with love in Peru. 
Be still my heart. 
I adore these. 
Oxidized German sterling silver and chrysoprase. 
Made with love in India 
It goes with everything, and it's adjustable. 
Made with love in India. 
Perfectly named, as I have worn it literally every day since it arrived at my house. 
Upcycled artillery 
Made with love in Ethiopia. 
Intricately carved from water buffalo horn. 
This is Adam's favorite from the new line. 
Made with love in Vietnam. 
Named for one of our lovely Indian artisans. 
Glass beads in beautiful colors. 
Made with love in India. 
I love this. It's on the cover of the look book. Go get it. 
Made with love in Peru. 
The best date night bag in the history of ever. 
Upcycled VHS and cassette tape film woven together and finished with gorgeous trim. 
Made with love by our special needs artisans in India. 
These are precious! 
And made by the precious women I just met in Rwanda two weeks ago. 
This treasure has been my arm candy since she arrived. 
Real leather, beautifully tanned with adorable blue and white lining inside. 
Made with love in India. 
Hand woven by precious women in Ethiopia, seeking to leave lifestyles in which they have been exploited. 
Fine Ethiopian cotton. 
Raw silk. Hand woven. Beautiful colors. 
Created by men and women who have overcome leprosy and want to provide for their families. 
Made with love in India. 
Hand woven silk with beaded accents. 
It's a work of art. 
Made with love in India. 

That is all I have time to post now. I am off to a trunk show to share all of this gloriousness with a bunch of beautiful women. And I want to do the same with you. Join the movement; host a show! Email me for the details (


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