Monday, October 6, 2014

Wait List Update: October 2014

The first of October has come and gone, along with our waiting list update for the month. The court system in Ethiopia is currently closed due to the rainy season, so we were not expecting to move at all. And that is what happened. While it is tough to stay in the same spot, there is some relief in knowing that we will not move when the court system is closed. It kind of takes the pressure off. Does that make sense?

So, here we are. Still waiting. Still trusting. Still hoping.

Still loving these children and praying them into our arms. Still believing in God's beautiful story, even though we don't yet see the whole picture.

And in the meantime, we are working on memorizing Isaiah 61. A passage about the year of the Lord's favor. As we memorize, I am hoping and praying that 2014 is the year of the Lord's favor in our lives.

More to come on this soon. I just wanted to post our update for the month.


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