Thursday, February 19, 2015

Last Piece of Paper!

Yesterday was kind of a BIG day! We sent off our VERY LAST piece of paperwork that we are responsible for before plane tickets. 
My favorite FedEx receipt of all time. 


That last piece of paper is what is called the PAIR letter. Pre Adoption Immigration Review. This is our government's preliminary approval for us to bring Bradley into the U.S. We have sent it off to be authenticated, and from there, it will go to Ethiopia and we will be IN LINE FOR A COURT DATE! 

Did I just get to type those words? 

Why, yes. I believe I did. 

So now, we wait a little more. Shocking, I know. The authentication process seems to take about two weeks. Once our paperwork lands in Ethiopia, we are in line for our court dates. First, the preliminary hearing (which we do not attend). Then there will be the hearing itself, which we do attend. At that time, we will legally take custody of Bradley. He will officially, on paper, be ours. Cue the tears of joy and relief. 

Almost there. Thanks for sticking it out with us! 


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