Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Colorful Saturday + T-Shirt Order is Here!

On the heels of yesterday's sadness with our tiny movement for the month of May, the Lord provided us with a WONDERFUL Saturday with some people we love. God is good like that, isn't He? This morning, Adam and I along with some of our outlaws in-laws participated in our first ever color run. In case you are not familiar with the new phenomenon, here is the story in pictures.

So, you start out in a nice, clean white shirt, and you wear some neon shades to protect your eyes. 
Sister-in-law, Kori, with two of our precious nephews. 
The boys look ready! 
And the outlaws! Aren't they cute? 
And such good sports, too! Driving all the way to Birmingham just to get dirty! 

So the run itself is a 5K, about 3.1 miles for those of you counting at home. And while you are running there are color stations where you get "color bombed" with bags of colored cornstarch. The final result leaves you looking something like this...
 Personally, I think we all look fantastic. 
The man I love best. 
I can remember a time (not too long ago) that my sweet husband would have balked at the idea of getting up early on a Saturday to go run three miles FOR FUN. But he has run a ten mile race, a half marathon and a 5K all just this year. 
Love you, bird! 
And a close up. 

After returning to the house for some quick showers we headed off to lunch and rounded out the day with dessert at Steel City Pops. I must say, it has been awesome day. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people I love (and people who love me enough to get colored bombed for three miles). Thank you, family, for making today so much fun! 

More exciting news: Friends who ordered shirts in our most recent t-shirt reorder, you shirts are in!! I will work on getting them to you (either in person or in the mail) this week! When you get your shirt, please send me a picture of you rocking it! 


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