Sunday, June 9, 2013

Six Happy Years!

Today we are celebrating six years of wedded bliss in the Knott household. It is hard to believe that six years have already flown by, but as time continues to roll on, I realize more and more what a blessed lady I am to have Adam as my husband. Here is a little trip down memory lane...
Our very first date! A Pi Phi formal in September of 2004. 

First trip to Honduras together. This one makes me feel old, mainly because of Adam's crazy hair and the fact that Ruben (the precious baby in front of me) is now a man! 
 Working as Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts for the Auburn recruiting department. 
War Eagle! 
Another Pi Phi formal. 
All leading up to this day, when I got to marry the man who surpasses all my dreams. 
And six years later, I love him even more. 
Especially because he always orders dessert with me when we go out. 

Dear sweet Adam, 

There is not a single man on the face of this earth I would rather live this life with than you. We have celebrated together, laughed together, grieved together and worked hard together. You have, on a daily basis, modeled for me what a Godly husband should be, demonstrating patience, hard work, integrity and love. Never for a moment have I doubted that I am the woman you love. Thank you for encouraging me, growing me, challenging me and reminding me always of God's goodness. This life has not brought us what I expected, and I know I have not been easy here lately, but you continue to stand by my side. Thank you for choosing me. I would choose you again and again until time ran out. I love you. 

"I have found him whom my soul loves." 
Song of Solomon 3:4


P.S. Come by tomorrow for an exciting announcement. I have done something a bit crazy, and I cannot wait to tell you about it! 

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