Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday: My Parents

Having just returned from a week in South Florida with my parents, I am feeling especially thankful for my mom and dad. We were able to spend a lot of time together, and that is something that is so good for my soul. I won't lie, it is tough to be the one who lives far away, but it makes visits like this past week extra wonderful.

My mom and dad are two of the strongest people I know, and I mean that in every way. Both of them are hard workers and pretty much the antithesis of laziness. Adam and I often wonder if my dad just runs of batteries that only need to be recharged once a year on our family vacation. For as long as I can remember, my parents have modeled a God-honoring life for me, always seeking out God's will and trusting in Him when things do not go according to plan. So much of what they have taught me is being used in my life right now, and I am beyond grateful for that.

I also really love just being able to be around my parents. It doesn't matter if we are eating dinner together, watching an episode of Criminal Minds or working at my mom's store. Whatever we are doing, I am just happy that we are together. It is so cool to be in the phase of life where, while they will always be my parents, they have started to be my friends, too. They are the people I can turn to for advice and comfort without fear of judgment. I know they will be kind and honest.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving a standard to strive toward, for pointing me to Christ, for setting the bar high and encouraging me to reach for it. I am who I am because of the way you parented me. Thank you for your tireless prayers and constant willingness to listen. Thank you for being parents who continue to lead by example, always modeling the importance of integrity. Thank you for teaching me to love Jesus. I love you.


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  1. Baylor,

    I recently had the opportunity to be blessed by your parents - and as I looked for contact info for them, I landed here and was blessed again. :) I am struck by the many similarities in our paths as I read your blog - from Auburn to Ethiopia, and now both Lifeline gals. :) I want to share with you that the greatest opportunity I have found in adoption is the one where we get to glorify our Father - and you are doing such a beautiful job with this site in doing just that. Keep it up! Our family will be praying the newest member of your family home, and will be praying for the Peace that Passes as you wait.

    A Recipient of Unmerited Grace,
    Missy (Spoutz) Roepnack


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