Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday: A Restful Summer

Yesterday, out of nowhere, I realized how truly rested I feel. This summer has been an unbelievable season of rest for me. And I am so very thankful for that. I feel like I have truly has time to rest and recuperate, time to refocus and gear up for the year ahead. I have been able to see my family more this summer than I typically do in entire year; that in and of itself is an enormous blessing.

Beyond that, I have not had to fill out a single form for our adoption! If you look at our adoption timeline, you will see that almost ALL of last summer was spend paper chasing to get our homestudy and dossier completed before I had to go back to work in August. It was a wonderful, but incredibly busy and stressful time for me. So I am most thankful to have had this summer to rest and enjoy my husband, family, friends, dog and the Lord. Heading into the new school year, I feel rested and prepared (though I am getting anxious as our start date draws near).

Mostly, I feel as though this summer has allowed me to rediscover God. With very little demanding my time, I have been able to realize and then focus on God's true goodness and sovereignty. I have been reminded of His character, and, after a difficult start to 2013 and feeling quite lost, I have been drawn back to Him. There is no way for me to adequately express my thankfulness about this. I can so easily see now how journeys like the one we are on tear people away from God. But He has not allowed that to happen to me. Instead, He has gently reminded me, through loved ones in my life and His Word, that He is always here with me, that His heart grieves with mine and that He has a plan in all of this.

And so I am thankful. I am thankful that the Lord saw fit to allow me a season of true rest, one in which my heart and mind could both let go a little, one in which I was not constantly filled with worry, one in which I was able to do things I love and see the people I love even more. One in which I was reminded of His great love toward me.

Yes. I am feeling very thankful today.


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