Monday, March 23, 2015

I Have Gifted Friends

The Lord has blessed me with some truly beautiful people. And one of my biggest blessings and deepest friends is Laura Catherine. She is a sister of the soul. Someone I love deeply and trust wholeheartedly. I can count on her for Godly wisdom and truth no matter the circumstance. She has carried me through a LOT of this adoption journey, and there is pretty much no way I could ever explain to you how much I cherish this dear friend and all she is to me.

And tonight, she absolutely outdid herself.

I have had this vision for Bradley's room. Courtesy of Pottery Barn, of course.

A GIANT map of the world hand painted onto the wall.

There was one problem with that plan, though. I am a TERRIBLE artist. As in awful. The worst. There is really no way to overstate it.

Laura Catherine, on the other hand, is gifted, gifted, gifted in this area. And tonight, she gave me a beautiful gift. A map of the world hand painted onto the wall.

 We started out with a map projected on the wall. 
Here, I will boast of my participation. I turned the projector on and Googled the map. 
You are impressed. I know. 
Then we traced out the map in chalk. 
And from that, Laura Catherine gave me this. 
A BEAUTIFUL map of the world, with my baby's home continent right in the middle. 

After she left, I stood in Bradley's room almost in tears, thinking about the fact that he will be living here soon. Right here in this room. Thank you, Laura Catherine, for giving me a beautiful place to bring my son home to...soon. 


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