Friday, March 20, 2015

So Loved

I spent this past weekend feeling so loved by so many important people in my life. Sunday was Bradley's Birmingham Baby shower! My mom and dad had plans awhile ago to fly up for the weekend. BUT baby sister surprised me by tagging along and bringing my sweet, little niece. Yay for family! Friday night was dinner at our favorite Birmingham pizza parlor, Giuseppe's. Get the feta dip. Saturday was full of girly things: shopping, pedicures and lunch, followed by dinner on the grill at home. Church on Sunday, and then it was baby shower time!

Talk about a surreal experience. For the last three years, we have been working to get this little one home, and so often it has felt like it would never happen. But on Sunday, I was surrounded by women I know and love, and I got to see them celebrate this little life that God has placed with our family. It was such a gift. And the shower was so thoughtful. Every little detail was reflective of Bradley and our journey to him. It was so personal. So perfect.

I am working on getting the rest of the pictures, but here is a taste of this beautiful day:

 Beautiful table with delicious treats

 A perfect match to Bradley's nursery! 

 Africa cookies with hearts over Ethiopia! 

 Beautiful corsage! 
So excited to be Bradley's mom! 
Giraffes are everywhere! 
My most precious hostesses: 
Betty, Laura Catherine and Mary 
The grandmothers
Aunt Bibi and Sydney 
 Such sweet gifts for our little man! 
And a ride home with Jimmy the Giraffe! 

Thank you so much to each of you who came to celebrate Bradley. He is already so loved by so many! 


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