Friday, May 4, 2012

Coffee Lover??

Are you a coffee lover?

Just Love Coffee is a coffee roasting company that was founded by a family who was trying to adopt and realized how incredibly expensive it can be. The company sells different varieties of coffee roasts, mugs and apparel, and then donates a portion of the proceeds to adopting families. Adoptive parents (like us!) can register their adoption on the Just Love Coffee website and create a storefront with the company. You can read more about the founding and purpose of the company here. What this family is doing is truly amazing. Not only are they supporting adoptive families here in the U.S.; they are also a Fair Trade company, so every single worker is paid fair wages for his/her hard work.

If you are a coffee drinker, please click on the Just Love Coffee box to the right of this post or just click here. You will be taken immediately to our storefront. From there, you can shop around and order different kinds of coffee from all over the place. Whenever you make a purchase from our storefront, we will receive roughly 30% of the sale to put toward our adoption. Thank you so much for supporting our efforts to bring our little one home forever.


P.S. We recommend the Ethiopian Harrar and the Ethiopian Sidamo...for very transparent reasons...

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