Friday, June 8, 2012

First Interview!

As the title of this post suggests...we just had our first home study interview! AHHH! I think it went really well. It was an introduction of sorts with lots of background information about us and going through some of our paperwork, too. I always get myself really worked up for stuff like this, and then everything ends up being fine. Crazy me. Oh well.

As for the home inspection/walk through portion of the interview, you can go ahead an roll your eyes at me. I spent the WHOLE day cleaning; I even cleaned the baseboards. And I may have gone a little overboard, because this part of the interview was really just checking to see that our home is a suitable place for a child and that we have smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. I suppose I got a little too hyped up. At least the house is sparkling.

We have our Crossings training tomorrow and individual interviews next week. Woot!

It is such a cool feeling going through all of this. Every now and then it hits me: We are doing this. We are brining home our child from Ethiopia. That is crazy. Oh, but we are soooo excited, and we already love little one so much. Please pray for us, that God would continue to keep us diligent in our work and patient in our wait. We want to do everything the right way and in His timing. We want to honor God through this process, with every little part of it. I pray that the Lord will help us do that.

"So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31


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