Thursday, June 21, 2012

T-Shirts are In!!

The shirts are here! The shirts are here! And we love them!!
**Scroll to the bottom for an update from the original post.**

                                                                Super excited Dad!
Happy Mom!

Even Daisy is ready! 

Silly, silly. And, yes, I know that Africa is backward in this photo. Oh well. 

Daisy is over being trapped in people clothes. 

Two of the most excited people on the planet. 
So very happy to be one step closer to our sweet babe! 

Thank you to all of you who ordered a shirt. We will begin the delivery process next week. Once you get your shirt, please email/text us a picture of you wearing it. As we document this incredible journey, we are trying to collect pictures of every event and every person who supported us along the way. 


**We have had a few people ask if they can still order shirts. Yay! We can definitely do a re-order, but we would need about 10-15 new orders to do this. Please leave a comment below or email me ( if you would like to order a shirt.**


  1. Love the shirts, Baylor! I especially love that your dog is wearing one! Is it too late to order one? Somehow I missed that info. I'd love to get one if you have any extras.


    1. Hey Jane! We are looking at doing a re-order if we have enough interest. Basically, we would need about 10-15 people to want to order a shirt. I will keep you posted as I hear from other people. Let me know if you have friends who are interested, too!

  2. You know you married a good guy when he'll take silly goofy pictures with you :) Can't wait to see a beautiful baby between the two of you. Praying for your yard sale to be a huge success! :D

    1. Thanks, Meghan. And, yes, he is a good one!

  3. LOVE my shirt and cannot wait to wear it tomor!!! Daisy is too cute with her shirt on :)

  4. Seeing them last night made me want a shirt - they look great! Meant to give you $ the Monday before the 9th & I forgot. Count me in as wanting one if you do a reorder!

  5. Hi Baylor & Adam!

    We have friends currently in the process of adoption two precious girls (from Ethiopia too). They just got a court date and will be traveling to Ethiopia in August to meet their girls for the first time! I'd love to purchase some t-shirts for them!!! Sizes M & L

    Let me know if you want me to send a check or how you would prefer to get payment (You can send me a private message on Facebook.) Excited to support you guys with this. Your blog posts touch my heart and you two have been on my mind a lot. Praying for you!

    Emily (& Greg) Bice

    1. Hey Emily (& Greg)!

      It is SO good to hear from you! We were actually talking about you the other day! Someone was asking us about our experiences in Honduras, and we shared about our trip with you. I hope that you guys are doing great these days. We are actually headed down to Honduras this coming week.

      Thank you so much for supporting our adoption. That is so cool about your friends! We are very much looking forward to being where they are in the process!

      I will message you of Facebook tonight!

      Miss you guys!!



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