Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adoption Tees Around the U.S. Post #4

I am becoming aware of my level of slackerdom as it pertains to the blog this week. I have not shared an adoption t-shirt post in forever!! But this realization comes at an opportune time, as one of the people in the following pictures just got MARRIED this past weekend!! Woot woot! Allow me to introduce John and Abby...

From the front! 
From the back! 

Adam and I met John and Abby in college at Auburn. Abby and I are sorority sisters, so that is how we first met. She came down to the chapter room the night of bid day with one other Pi Phi sister and they informed me that they would be taking me to church the following morning. So glad they did! That was the avenue through which I met virtually all of my college friends (including my man) and how I found my church home in Auburn. Abby also introduced me to her brother, John. We were friends all through college, and then Adam and I ended up doing Tigerettes and Tiger Hosts with John for our last two years at Auburn. We were blessed enough to be able to attend John's wedding last Saturday to watch him marry his beautiful bride, Whitney. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Schenk!

Thank you, John and Abby, for your love, prayers and support! War Eagle!


P.S. If you bought a shirt, send me your picture so that I can brag to the world about how awesome you are!


  1. Do you have anymore shirts?

    1. Hey! We do have a few extras. What size would you like? I will have to see what we have when I get home. :)


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