Monday, February 25, 2013

Adoption Tees Around the U.S. : Post #5

Today's adoption t-shirt post comes to you all the way from Colorado! A few weekends ago my parents made a trip out West to visit some of their oldest (not in age, but in length of time) friends. Allow me to introduce Mr. And Mrs. Lofton!

Dad, Mom, Mrs. and Mr. Lofton

My mom and Mrs. Lofton knew each others growing up and were actually in each other's weddings. So basically, I have never not known the Loftons. They used to live pretty close to my family down in Florida but moved out to Colorado several years ago. Way back in the day, I would watch their kiddos, Alex and Jillian, both of whom are now grown, which totally makes me feel like an old lady. The whole family has traveled to Honduras with us on different occasions, and we love it when the opportunity comes along for us to spend time together. I am hoping that someday soon we will be able to take them up on that offer to head out to Colorado for some skiing! Maybe once the babe gets here. They are such great people, and we are so happy to have them on our side during this adoption process. 

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Lofton! We love and appreciate you! 


P.S. Random aside: This is our 100th blog post! Woot woot! That is pretty crazy, right?

P.P.S. We are still selling the lovely adoption t-shirts pictured above. Please let me know if you are interested! 

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