Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was one of those days when everything that happened was awesome. As we have worked toward adding little ones to our family, so many of the days over the last few years have been tainted with worry, colored with sadness or touched by frustration. Yesterday just was not one of those days.

Yesterday was beautiful.

I woke up early, early to go on a 14 mile run. (Only one month left until race day!). And it was the most beautiful day. Clear skies and unseasonable cool for Birmingham. I was able to pray for 9 of my 14 miles, which was incredible. Then Adam and Daisy joined me for the last three miles, and we celebrated by stopping at Starbucks on the way home for breakfast. We were able to sit outside and enjoy our food and drink and just talk and catch up with each other. Last week was so busy that this was really the first chance we have had in a while to sit down and focus on each other. After the chai and coffee cake (for me) and iced tea and banana bread (for him) were gone, we headed back home.

Showers and a quick nap were next on the list, and then we were off to spend the afternoon in the loveliest village on the Plains cheering on our Auburn Tigers!

 We stopped at Toomer's Corner to pick up the most delicious lemonade in all the land, and then sat on the front steps of Samford Hall to enjoy it and talk about our best college memories. 

Then it was off to Jordan Hare! 
We got there early to see the eagle fly and watch the AUMB march out onto the field playing our fight song. 

And our Tigers won! We were SO excited! 
What a game. Down to the last ten seconds. Whew! 
Two happy Tigers! 
War Eagle!! 

After we basked in the glory of Auburn's first SEC win of the year, we decided to walk back to our car by way of Toomer's Corner. We will always love it there, but it is completely different now that the trees are gone. Kind of sad. 

But then we got a most wonderful surprise! We ran into Josh! One of our very closest friends and our favorite Auburn police officer. He was working Toomer's Corner after game, and so we were able to talk to him for a good bit and catch up on everything we have been missing out on now that we are not neighbors anymore. We love Josh, and I am SO thankful we got to see him. 

But we had to leave Auburn eventually and get back home to Birmingham and our Daisy girl. 

I am so thankful for yesterday. Everything about it was good. I love when God gives you a day like that. 

War Eagle! 


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