Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adoption Tees Around the U.S. Post #7

Here we go with another adoption t-shirt post! Today's entry takes us to the loveliest village on the plains and one of my favorite places to be: Auburn! Meet Josh!

Best picture ever. 

And with his puppy, Danger. 

The Knotts love Josh Adams! He was one of our good friends in college, and then we were next door neighbors for two years after college. He is such a good friend and makes a mean "homemade" lasagna and a fabulous groomsman (in fact, he is the star of our wedding video!). While we were neighbors, he adopted his sweet dog, Danger. Adam and I have many fond memories of hearing Josh yell, "Danger!" through the shared wall of our apartments. 

We are so very grateful to be friends with such a wonderful person. I am especially thankful for Josh, because he never grew tired of me asking him to check our apartment for murderers during the six long months that Adam and I had to live apart. One night he even volunteered to sleep on the doormat outside our apartment if it would make me feel better. Don't worry, I did not take him up on it. 

Thank you, Josh, for being such a great friend to us! We cannot wait for our little one (or two) to meet you!


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