Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pancake Breakfast Grand Finale

Today was the day of the highly anticipated pancake breakfast. Adam and I got an early start this morning and headed up to my school to set up at 6:45, where we were soon met by Courtney, party planner extraordinaire. We got the cafeteria set up and ready to go. And then the electric outlets started going out on us one by one. Problematic when you need power for five different griddles to make a whole bunch of pancakes. That problem was soon solved and we were underway.

I have to say that we did not have the turnout we were expecting, but God still showed up in an incredible way. We probably had about twenty five people show up to the breakfast, and those twenty five people donated $1,100 toward our adoption. Amazing and a huge testament to God's incredible power. It was truly a "loaves and fish" moment. Thank you so much to everyone who came! You have helped us get closer to our little one(s)!

And a special thank you to all of our friends and family who came and helped us set up, cook and then stayed two hours later than we planned to help us clean up.

Thank you:

Mary Catherine
Mary and Shegun
Steven and Caroline
JoAnne and Mike
John and JoEllen

We appreciate each of you!


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