Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ready for Launch!

I posted a little while ago about embarking on a new adventure in starting my own business. Well, now that the Chicago Marathon is behind me, I am able to really focus all of my extra time and energy into launching my Noonday Collection empire (ha!).

Things are officially getting started with my launch party this coming Wednesday! Check out some (seriously, just a few!) of the BEAUTIFUL pieces you can add to your collection accessories while supporting men and (mostly) women around the world as they work to sustain their families through their creativity and talents!

Click on any of the names below the pictures to be taken to the page for that piece. If you want to go ahead and place an order, please select my name as the Ambassador at check out and enter "Baylor Knott Launch" in the hostess field! Thank you!

This gorgeous, sparkly piece is made with love by our artisans in India. 
I absolutely love this necklace; it is the perfect complement to a cute dress or jeans a fall top. 
And it is even cuter in person. Trust me. 

Love this stand out yellow piece! 
Made with lots of love in Uganda, this is the perfect pop of color for all those fall neutrals we love so much. 

I have extra love for this piece, because it was made in ETHIOPIA! 
Noonday's Ethiopian pieces are all made rom upcycled artillery left over from the civil wars and conflicts this country has struggled through over the years. I love that these artisans are taking something that was once a symbols of conflict and turning them in to something beautiful! 

Made with love in Ecuador
This beautiful piece is made from cut, dried and dyed tagua seeds. 
Check out the solid colored versions here and here

I cannot wait to get my hands on this one! 
Made with love in India, the Goldrush adds sparkle to any ensemble! 

This one is seriously gorgeous. One of my favorites to wear! 
Made with lots of love in Uganda. 
You WILL get compliments when you rock the Ruth! 

Made with love in India. 
These glittery earrings pop! 
Check them out in gold here

I LOVE these statement earrings. I wear them all the time. 
Light catches the silver threads and makes them shine! 
Made with love in India 

You read that right. Bullets. 
These beautiful earrings are made with lots of love in Ethiopia from upcycled artillery. 
They are also available in gold. 

These were my first Noonday purchase and are my go to choice for earrings. 
Made with lots of love in India. 
You can wear these beauties with anything. 

Super cute colors and patterns! 
The perfect fall accent piece. 

Made with love in Uganda from embira seeds with paper bead accents. 
This bracelet wraps around to fit your wrist. 

I love this one! 
Violet beads with horn accents. Love it for fall! 
Made with love in Uganda. 
Made with love in India. 
This is a beautiful piece that looks great with any color. 

Oh, how I love this scarf! Cozy is the perfect name for it. 
Made from Alpaca wool by our artisans in Peru.

Bright colors and soft fabric make this a great accessory to spice up your day! 
Made with love in Guatemala. 

There are tons of beautiful scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, but it would turn this already long post into the longest post ever if I shared them all. So check them out HERE

Remember, if you want to make a purchase, please select my name as your Ambassador and enter "Baylor Knott Launch" in the hostess field. Thank you! 

If you are in the Birmingham area and would like to come try on some Noonday pieces while enjoying some tasty treats and beverages at my launch party this Wednesday night at 6:30, please let me know. I would LOVE to see you there! Leave a comment below or email me at and I will send you the details! 

"And if you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the NOONDAY."
Isaiah 58:10 


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