Friday, July 18, 2014


This, I think, has been the single most moving, overwhelming morning of my life. 

Joy. Sheer, complete, perfect, unadulterated joy. 

We step off the bus and these beautiful women are shouting, clapping and singing...for us. 


This moment isn't about us; it's about them. 

As we walk down the steps and onto to the patio, they are grabbing us and hugging in and kissing us and thanking us. They are smiling and laughing. 

And I am crying. 

I'm crying because I can't believe their stories are part of my story. I am crying because I can't believe I am even allowed to be here, allowed to be a small, small part of this incredible story God is writing. He has taken women from opposite sides of the globe, and He has built a bridge to connect us. He has woven our lives together in this beautiful and crazy way. 

We need them in order to do what we do, and they need us to do what they do. This paradigm creates a partnership, a sustainable way to grow together and love and support one another. Meeting these women today cemented this reality for me. I stood there, enveloped by the arms and hearts of women I didn't know yesterday, and waves, literal waves, of love came rolling off of them and crashing over me.

And I saw Noonday for what it really is. 

A vehicle, a beautiful and powerful vehicle, that unites women across oceans and borders and creates a lifetime partnership, a true sisterhood of empowerment, love and encouragement. 

And I cannot believe that I get to be a part of it. What an honor to be one who carries their story forward.

I asked The Lord to refresh my spirit this week, and I prayed this morning for an open heart to receive whatever it is He might have for me. He crashed into my heart and my soul through these women today. 

It is well. 


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