Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow morning I will begin the looooooong journey to Kigali, Rwanda! There has been so much I have wanted to write about in preparation for leaving on this trip, but with…

 Prepping and packing my car for 18 days away from home...
 Making the 12 hour drive from Birmingham to Ft. Lauderdale alone..
 Celebrating the birth of my niece...
And re-packing all of my Rwanda clothes…

I just haven't had enough time!! 

And so here I am. Almost midnight the night before we leave, trying to get some of my thoughts down. 

This is such a humbling thing. Being a part, a small, small part, of this incredible movement. This story that binds women around the world together. And knowing that I get to actually meet some of these women, well, it is overwhelming. To hug them, to thank them, to look into their eyes and tell them that I am honored to walk this path of partnership with them. All of these things are so much MORE than I signed on for when I began with Noonday Collection in October of last year. And I am humbly grateful. 

Beyond all of that is the resounding, echoing reality that the Lord brought this opportunity into my life at a time when joy is needed. The adoption front has just not been what we thought it would be. And most day it feels like we are getting farther away from our children instead of closer to them. The waters are rising and my arms are tired from treading. 

And I believe that the Lord knew this would be the case. So He gave me this incredible gift. A time to be away. To be surrounded by fellow Ambassadors, women who love and live in the real way. To be swallowed up by love and Christ-centered fellowship. To meet our beautiful artisans. To experience the culture of Rwanda. To set my own to feet on the continent where my children will be born. HE gave me this gift, and I grateful. 

I am hoping and praying that this week will be a time of spiritual refreshment for me. I have felt lost so often lately, and I am ready to feel found, to feel known and loved by God. To be reminded in tangible ways of His love and His goodness. To be pulled into prayer and His Word. I am on my own all the way to Belgium, so hopefully I will my solo time in the sky will be full of joyful communion with God and result in a  heart that is focused on Him. 

I am taking my iPad to TRY to blog while we are there. Not sure how it will go. But I will DEFINITELY be on Instagram a LOT for the next ten days. You can follow my journey @bayknott07 and all of us Ambassadors at #noondayrwanda. 

Here we go!


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