Thursday, January 22, 2015

Semi-Annual Noonday Collection Sample Sale!

This post is for you beautiful ladies! My semi-annual Noonday Collection Sample Sale is officially open. I am selling some of my FAVORITE Noonday treasures at a discounted price. These beauties are about to sell through and be gone forever, so get them while you can! I'll highlight a few of my favorites here, and then you can click the link at the bottom to be taken to the actual sale.

Happy shopping!!

 Del Mar Necklace 
Made in Ecuador 
Perfect pops of color for spring! 
Retail: $78 
Your price: $58
 Luxe Horn Necklace 
Made in Vietnam 
Hand carved and polished water buffalo horn
Beautiful statement necklace that goes with everything you own. 
Retail: $58 
Your price: $42
 Threaded Charm Necklace 
Made in India 
Patina finish on the brass discs and chain
Retail: $52 
Your price: $39
 Arched Arrows Earrings 
Made in Peru 
Gold plated 
It breaks my heart to be letting these beauties go. 
Retail: $60
Your price: $42

 Moondrop Earrings 
Made in India
Perfect for a night on the town
Retail: $38 
Your price: $26 
 Onyx Infinity Earrings 
Made in India 
Sterling silver and green onyx 
I ADORE these. 
Retail: $120 
Your price: $88
 Antiques Cuff 
Made in India 
This beauty comes from our first ever winter capsule collection! 
Retail: $48 
Your price: $36
 Decadent Deco Cuff 
Made in Vietnam
This might be the most perfect bracelet in all the land. 
Beautifully hand carved from water buffalo horn
Retail: $48 
Your price: $34
 La Noche, Midnight 
Made in Guatemala 
Hand-faceted black beads give an edgy spin to our classic La Noche design. 
Retail: $42 
Your price: $32
Film Noir Clutch 
Made in India by a group of adults with special needs 
VHS and cassette tape film woven together and finished with a gorgeous trim
Retail: $78
Your price: $56

That is just a sneak peek of all the pieces that are available to you through my sample sale. Just click the link below to get to the sale itself, shop to your heart's content and email me with your selections. These treasures usually go pretty fast, so go and get your shop on! 

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