Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We Need BIG Prayers

Hello, dear friends. My heart is so deeply awed and humbled by you and your commitment to us and our adoption over the last almost three years. When we set out on this journey on April 10, 2012, we had NO idea what this path would bring. And now here we are. Close. So, so close. And I need to ask for your partnership again. I need to ask you to pray with us and for us.

With adoption privacy regulations, I cannot share here exactly what is going on, but I can tell you that it has the potential to be hugely wonderful and to move us closer to our boy.

I am asking that you pray for God's favor in our life and in the life of our son. That the step we are currently on will go smoothly. That you will give courage and wisdom to all parties involved.

And I am asking that you pray these things really early on Monday morning. We will be praying at 4 A.M. here in Alabama, and we would love for you to join us. I know it's early. As someone who HIGHLY values her sleep, I am genuinely sorry about that. If that is not possible (no judgment here), I would ask that you pray on Sunday night.

If you can commit to doing this, I would love to hear from you. Our goal is to share with our son exactly how many people have been a part of his life and his story even before he came home. You can leave a comment or shoot me an email (

Thank you, friends.



  1. I'll be praying on Sunday night and at 4:00am Monday morning.I can't wait to hear some day all that God has done!

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  3. I will be happy to pray with you at 4am!


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